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How far can you fly?

That question is at the center of everything we do. Every girl has the potential to reach great heights; they just need the wings to get there. Our wish is to inspire girls around the globe to find and embrace their true colors and soar – because each and every girl is unique, relevant and beautiful!

Lil’ Butters is a funky line of quirky, fun and sassy butterflies for girls of ALL ages. Our inspiration comes from all the girls in our lives, for each one has their own special personality that is a mixture of boldness, love, joy, uncertainty and strength. Many cultures honor the butterfly as a symbol of powerful transformation. Just like these natural wonders, girls go through their own amazing process as they change and grow – all in an effort to find their wings and true colors. Lil’ Butters are tried and true friends that will help girls discover who they really are, how they define themselves, what the possibilities are, and where their wings can take them!

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Lil’ Butters! Just like our girls – just like YOU - they are cheeky and hilarious when you least expect it, and their meaningful and witty messages are a great way to express how you feel at any given time. Lil’ Butters celebrates the many emotions of growing up such as friendships, first loves, and all of life’s special moments. So how far can you fly? Let’s find out together.

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